The Generation of  Icarus &


The Generation of  Icarus


We were told that the sky’s the limit in all our living hours

we are told that the whole world could easily be ours

So we fly hard and we fly fast as long as we can

And we fly far and we fly high with the wind at our command.

We use our will to touch the sky promised us at birth

and some of us fail and fall to the wind beaten earth

some start to feel the heat and quickly turn away

to try to save their wings so they can try to fly another day

These ones are forgotten and live to be old

but are just replaced by the young and by the bold

and they fly higher and then they soon will learn

that once they get up high their wings of wax will always burn

and all we now know the old ones often  lie

and it was foolish for us to even try to start to fly

the ones that turn aside, us always try to save

to tell us we who keep flying  could meet and early grave.

the reason i tell this story upon this day

is not to convince you just listen if you may

for i’m one who turned aside and folded up my wings

and now i sit and hear the wisdom the world quietly sings

and i see now that we are not quite what we think

and as i think of this my beating heart slowly sinks

and as i see you fly i frequently feel rage

for we are nothing more than pretty birds in a cage.




I dont know what happened to the title it was supossed to be just "The Generation of Icarus"

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