As I smile, it smiles. As I laugh, it laughs, but behind a mask a smile never lasts.

It never remains because of the pain- the pain of which I’ve endured.

It has broken me up and left me to rust, making it mandatory that I cover up.

So day after day, forever remains a masquerade in order to block the inquired.


If questions are asked, then off comes my mask. And this wreckage will be revealed.

How embarrassing it will be to let people see my past, skeletons, and wounds.

For what is to come, after such a discussion is nothing but a painful tune.


So as you speak so as life will be.

So through this mask I always radiate positivity.

At all times because it’s a seed- a seed of which I am sowing and later I shall reap.


So in hope to never recall my damaged past at all, I trudge forward.

Wearing a jubilant mask, I take on each task

and strive toward that successful path- the opposite of my past.


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