Fri, 10/31/2014 - 04:05 -- perks

I read to escape reality

Yet another builds up around me

It engulfs my being and doubts my existence on Earth

It guides me through a new world for what it’s worth.


There is no beginning and there seems to be no end

There it exists as if my long time friend.

Heartstrings it pulls, melts me it does

Words can’t explain the accompanied buzz.


It drowns me in sadness, rescues me from depression

Once a fleeting memory though left a deep impression.

Laughter and tear simultaneously appear

But have no fear not a soul deems it queer.


Among the cold winter nights, 

A spark of light 

Reveals the hidden words

Until dawn peeks above the horizons and hear the chirping of the birds.


Twas an encompassing journey to trek

And before the covers close I must check

That Earth is where I stand 

For work is at demand.


Still as instantly night befalls

The alternative world I recall

Saves me from Earth’s unsettling mortality

I read to enter reality


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