Breathing Music

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 18:28 -- Aldrick

What's my favorite thing?

What makes my day?

Sitting down, my spine uncurling,

          in my ultra-comfy chair.

Smooth tones sliding in the air,

          YouTube is wonderful.

Dancing while I sit,

           I'm pretty good at this.

Ignoring every -one and -thing,

           I love you, but not now please.

Alone in the office,

           Is this creepy?

                      Is this liberating?

                                   Is this both?

Knowing the day is over,

Time has smashed into a wall.

Knowing there's no point worrying now,

Cannot go back, do not want to go back.

Sun has set,

So have my fears.

It is the time when calm smothers sorrow.

It is the time to groove.

Breathe in music.

           Breathe out worry.

It is my mental health time,

My "me" time.

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