Merry Christmas


Staring out the window

the snow dances quietly in the pitch of night

beyond the sparkling lights in the Christmas tree

The smell of hazelnut and cocoa 

laces the air from the steaming mug on the living room table

I sit curled up in my favorite quilt

with my sketchbook and pencil

recreating memories

I think about every moment

all the smiles, the laughter, and happiness

From the time you offered to stay the night

still sneaking in the next morning

to lay next to me for a little while

To June 29

when you held me in your arms

to tell me "I love you"

one last time.


I think about all these things

Suddenly I hear the door

I turn around and my eyes widen

as I see the army green

The lump in my throat and the grin on my face

are just too much for my swelling heart to bear

Tears fill my eyes

My body rushes forward

and jumps into outstretched arms

that wrap around my waist

Strong and warm

Pulling me close

Squeezing me tight

After 183 days

19 hours 

and 36 minutes

I finally hear your whisper in my ear

"I'm home."



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