Butterflies of White


The curtain so black

Mysterious to conceal

Minute inner thoughts?

What's to be hidden

Other than identity

I'm just curious.

Are you hiding thoughts

Or just feelings you're having

Possibly secrets?

If I pull the cord

That delicate crimson cord

What beasts might come out?

Should I expect beasts

That's what they want me to do

You're hiding your heart.

I believe in you

With endless beauty and strength

You hold butterflies.

The curtain so black

Covering innocent wings

I wish to unveil.

But would it be rude

To pull on the crimson cord

Without permission?

Should I wait for you

To open the black curtains

When you are ready?

I'll wait for the day

When the black curtains open

And beauty comes out.

I'll see everything

All the beauty that you hold

Behind that black veil.

Don't hide from others

Just ignore their ridicule

Their words shouldn't hurt.

You are everything

That's beautiful in the world

So please stop hiding.

Their words won't hurt you

I will not let that happen

I will protect you.

With every ounce

Of power that I withhold

I shall protect you.

I'll always protect

Your beauty and innocence

Because it's so rare.

It's rare to see it,

Beauty in its purest form

It's always covered.

People hide beauty

Because they don't understand

That they are beauty.

Do not be afraid

To open those black curtains

Let that beauty out.


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