White Men Can Ryhme

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 15:40 -- Komere


I’m a nerd
I’m a faggot
My lyrical style, you can’t match it
I’m fabulous
Not spastic
And Joe has the best beard on campus
All the conservatives can’t stand this
It’s hard to read me, here’s a pamphlet
I’m stealing hearts like a bandit
If you don’t like it you can cram it up your
Assigning lyrical timing to all those who were whining
Just let people be; cause that’s the right thing
No need to be so chiding
People tell me to come out
I’m not hiding
Don’t think my rhymes are frightening
Think twice, cause I strike like lightning
Little white boy got some claws
Doesn’t think he has any flaws
Hold up a sec, just pause
You don’t know me, you’re not Santa Claus
We all have flaws I see this
I’m not conceded
But not quite Jesus
You’re hateful commentary is not needed
Stop living in the past, this is the present
You make yourself look like a peasant
Your attitude could be classified as a depressant
Hopefully now you’ve learned your lesson


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