Behind the Mask

My day passes by slowly.

I drag on, along with everyone else around me,

through life,

somewhat in a blur of our true selves.

We wear what everyone expects us to wear

and only act the way that is deemed


and at the end of the day we go home and hide in our closed quarters

in hopes no one will catch a glimpse of our real identity.

We have stooped to a level of complacency,

we are satisfied with the way society wants us to be.

We let them dictate so many factors of our lives,

it's as if it's no longer OUR life at all.

We let them see only what they want to see,

but it's only an illusion.

What happens once the lights dim and the curtains close?

What lies beneath the surface,

beneath the mask we put on before we walk out the door everyday?


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