I will not hide my PRIDE

I always knew I was different.

My father always wanted a boy, but I was born a girl.

I was his favorite I was daddy's little girl.

When I was little, I never liked playing with that girls.

I was one of the boys.

I would always dress up like a tomboy, and I would be judged.

High school came around you know boy meets girl, boy ask girl out

that love stuff.

When I got asked out,

I would say no because I was attracted to girls.

At first I thought that it was a phase,

but later on I found out that it wasn't’t.

I felt all alone,


a freak.

I wanted to see if anyone had been through what I was going through.





mental hospital,

burned alive,



fags will burn in hell,

God hates fags,

Wait God hates fags...burned alive…

wait what am I reading?

What happened to equal rights for everyone

it doesn't’t matter.

Its funny, what wears tights, wigs, and make-up?

Our founding fathers

but now that drag queens do it they are judged.

God hates fags?

I thought God loved everyone.

When you think about it

Jesus had two fathers.

All this bad stuff happened to my people,

but look at us standing and unafraid.

I am born in a form of a woman,

but a man trapped in this body.

Its funny how everyone puts us down, because they are scared of change.  

Change is going to happen one way or another.

You can support it or be against it.

I am part of that change,

and I am still standing with pride.


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