The Dark Side


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The Dark Side

Behind the curtain is darkness

Behind the curtain is pain

Behind the curtain are things of which I'm ashamed

Death, struggle, tears, sin

Behind the curtain are the things I've held within

You think you know me

You think you understand

But you've been introduced to who I truely am

A man

A pitiful man

The one who cuts himself but never weilds the blade

 Blood drips on his sheets but only he sees the stains

The one who hears voices generated by his brain

Telling him to do things that seem insane

A complex individual

Of normal he's the reciprocal

From you he's adjacent

If you truely knew him you'd fear his displacement

So he transforms when in public

He hides behind the vail

He fears no loves him

So his life is truely hell

He wakes up from his nightmares not even scared

They are normal

He sees clears 

Others are visually impaired

Throughout the day he sits and cries

Wishing he wasn't forced to hide

The Dark Side




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