Inside this mind

Inside this mind

               there's so much that I can hide

Everyday walking around with a smile on my face,

               but not bearing the depths of my soul

A saddness not able to be consuled 

               When you're dead inside all you want to feel is alive

Behind everyone's inevitable masks

               lies who they really are

How many people do you pass on the street

               that you never really meet?

Each living a life of their own completely unattached to yours

               yet brought together by a common schedule.

Why do we hide behind ourselves?

               Simply because it's easier than putting ourselves out there

to be judged or hurt

               We lay in bed contemplating life and death

But say nothing to those who are living beside us because we are afraid

               Going about life in fear

Never letting anyone near

               Is this called living or something else? 



Poem for a scholarship even though I hate it.

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