Different From The Rest


Who would I be if “not to be”?

I might be the girl you couldn’t see

Hiding in a place with many walls

Never wanting to be touched at all


Coming out of my cocoon was not easy at first

Very much like the experience I had at birth

I yearned to stay warm in a comfortable womb

But staying there forever would make it my tomb


When the day finally came for me to “come out” into the light

My mother said I put up quite a tenacious fight

Welcomed into her arms and held lovingly from the start

She has always told me I am the handprint on her heart


Being picked on isn’t easy when you are determined to achieve

I was unlike all the others, but I still knew what I believed

Never following the rest made me different from the crowd

I’m an artist with a heart who loves to live my life out loud


I am true to unto myself and have no reason now to change

If I pretend to be like everyone else it would make life seem so strange

I know the road I’m traveling and I’ve set my feet upon it

Ready for any detour that comes, I will navigate around it



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