I am Woman; FLAWLESS




Beauty is a battle people tend to face.

Some cost it; others just chase.

The beauty, the glam, the entire fame,

It’s something they’re not, it’s a different game.

Perfection in our minds is the fair skin, tan legs, red lips attire,

When in front of us should be the only woman we admire.

My mother taught me to always stay classy,

She said weight won’t define who I am, but to control being sassy. 

I stand tall in my skin, and proud of whom I am every day,

I’m FLAWLESS, and I could give a damn what people say. 

Inner Beauty is a powerful source of glistening,

It gives you the best confidents a woman could ever ask for,

And all you could want is more.

I woke up like this; flawless,

And it continues with much bless.






I woke up this.



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