Nobody knows the real me

Who really knows what I want to be?

People don't know who I really am

And I don't really give a damn.


Looks aren't everything

It is so annoying

Tall, Short, Skinny, Fat

These words determine where we fit in at.


I am much more than a word

But many would call this absurd

We all have a feeling

But I'll keep on dreaming.


I may not fit in

And I may sometimes grin

But I do smile

And I am worthwhile.


We all have a dream

Some are very extreme

Many don't know mine

And that is fine.


I am pretty boring

Someday I will be soaring

To all those non believers

None of you will be achievers.



What is on the outside doesn't matter

It only causes a lot of chatter

Only one person knows the real me

And that person is me.


There are times when I wonder who I am

But then I listen to my favorite jam

This reminds me there is no right answer

I could even be a dancer.


What is behind this skin?

There could be a big spin

There is only one word to describe me

This word is Originality. 





















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