In the eyes of an Angel


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My body freezes and I fall to the ground. I begin to shake. I see someone run to my side but my eyes roll back and I can’t focus. I’m trapped. My mind is in a box. Dark and alone. Don’t they see the things that I do? Can’t they see how much I care? I’m a human and yet they treat me differently. Why? I try to communicate but they just don’t understand. I guess looking at things from the eyes of an Angel makes them different, but a good kind of different.  

My body jerks and all I know for the next few moments is pain. Why me? Where’s my daddy? Where am I? They call this a seizure. I can’t stop it. My body hurts. My thoughts are drowned out by a loud humming sound. It takes me a moment to realize that it’s my heart. My heart forgot that it’s mine. It has taken the form of a humming bird, flying away. I can’t breath. My little bird’s wings are beating my chest, moving fast as it too tries to escape the pain. “Come back,” I call out to my humming bird. It slows. I can breath again.

My jerking movements slow to slight twitches. I open my eyes to the blinding light. I see my sister looking down at me. Relief washes over me as I try to grab for her hand. She holds it tight this time. I pull myself up into her arms and she holds me close. My body hurts I stare up at her face, I feel myself drifting off to a sleep. A deep sleep. A good sleep. I don’t hurt anymore. I’m ok. But I can’t wake up, so I let my body relax, and I keep on dreaming of what tomorrow might bring.



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