The Game of Life

New players start at level 1.

There's not much you can do.

The enemies are too difficult -

one hit and you're down,

the quests are too complicated,

and it seems the other characters have looping speeches.


The game keeps changing.

There are too many developements in progress.

You have to struggle to stay standing against bosses,

but if you freak out and sit around,

you won't go forward.


It gets really boring,

and you get really tired of it.


Maybe you should just hit the reset button,

But all the pointless money you have earned,

random items you have recieved,

experience you have collected,

all of the time you have spent,



It would all be gone.


There would be no more frustration,

No more pain,

No more loneliness,

There would be no more progression

towards your happy end.


Before you press the button,

a friend logs on,

and help is on the way.


There are a lot of depressing events,

but if you let it discourage you

You'll never move ahead

To the happy ending that is waiting for you.

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My community
My country
Our world
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