Fall Time Happiness


I dreamt that Summer crept into my room 

One Fall night

Betwitched me into bed

sung me sun-struck

and kissed me

(I think I made it up inside my mind)

She drowsily whispered 

tales of winter and cold,

but she forgot you Fall


I woke between that time

with sun and moon suspended

And you wrapped tightly

around my sweater sleeves

It was so quiet 

even my eyelashes fluttering 

sound like thunder.


You were not designed for everyone

to love you, Fall.

You are not the physical being

that everyone thinks you are

You are the rain on roofs outside the window

deep covers and warm blankets

the nip of chill in air

the itch to work better and bigger

That crisp edge 

There's something more to you

than what I can touch with my hands

A constant whirlwind of activity 

that is the center of your core

The very definition of change

I will have an endless love affair

with you Fall.


Everything is a warm color with you

silloutetted by a growing sun

there in the warmth

I am drifting back and forth,

waiting for the leaves to change.










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