The Sweetest Love

Knowing you’re waiting for me at home makes my day seem torturously long.

When I walk in the door, I know right away I need to find you—I’ve been craving you for hours.

Finally reunited, I can’t wait to get my hands on you. Taking in every bit of your smooth, dark complexion—my exotic dream from another land.

I breathe deeply, taking in your sweet scent; in a word: intoxicating.

I lick my lips, anticipating what is to come, but I try to take my time and savor every moment.

Finally, I can take it no more; your temptation is just too great.

When my lips finally touch you and I can sample your sweet taste, I am utterly fulfilled. The minutes seem to stretch out as I bask in the happiness you bring me.

Finally, I pull away; content, I can’t help but to murmur your name with a languid smile:



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