Clear Blood


I hate these ballet shoes

Everyday marks another bruise

And as I dance with the pain, my brain is in flames, going insane  

Working double time over what should be considered a war-crime

Yet all the hate built inside? I’ll never free it,

And just looking at me, you wouldn’t see it,

Am I losing my mind? You best believe it

The depression you’ll find, if I release it

Is sealed up tighter than an a Ziploc, firmer than a lip lock

But don’t knock on my subconscious, cause you’d get shocked

By the sabotage done backstage, camouflaged from your gaze

Show days and high praise make them worse, like a curse

 Like you haven’t-drank-anything-for-days kind of thirst

For success, for lead roles, for the spotlight, and ugly toes

Did I love it at first? I won’t deny it

So I keep up the act, and never fight it

The disgust that I feel, I’m gonna hide it

Every tear that I’ve cried, I’ve nearly dried it

Cause I’ve learned to fake, evade my true feelings

Bleeding clear blood so they won’t see

Crying tear of air that they don’t perceive

My feet ache, and I shake in fear

One last tear cause

I’m near her dreams and it seems that

The judges’ scores are evident

Relevant to my future.


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