Who You've Made Me

Behind the curtain

What I keep hidden

From your eyes and mind

Is strictly forbidden


Under the mask

What a clever disguise

You cannot see

The bitter, aching cries


Of shame and pain

And stubborn pride

Tried to keep it all away

But it just won't subside


Putting up walls

Forged in anger and pain

Designed to keep you out

While the hurt will remain


Wondering why friends left

And never returned

But this fate I created

Is something I've earned


Lacking forgiveness

Abundant in guard

I don't understand why

This life is so hard


But after all the offenses

My trust is severely broken

And who I've become

Is hardened and outspoken


It drives others away

They don't like my zeal

But I won't apologize

For saying what I feel


This is who I am

And who you've made me

A strong-willed young girl

Standing for what I believe


So I don't regret

All of the betrayal

Because this experience

Won't cause me to fail


I'm better and stronger

And though I am guarded

I'm learning to allow those

Feelings to be discarded


Now I commit to myself

A promise, real and true

That cheer and trust will return

When this trial I come through


So I lay aside the mask

And draw back the curtain

Because the real me, you'll like

Of this I am certain 



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