Her eyes are hidden behind


Her eyes are hidden behind storming clouds

The voice of a girl who's thoughts were never heard

Cuts on her wrist  reveal the pain that lyes with in

She Sharpens the blade and cuts her skin


There is something beautiful inside of her

Monsters intrude on her presence 

The curtain is then closed to hide her shame


She fears others may see the smile forced upon her lips

She is not what she seems 

She is not the girl who's presence you miss

She see's no light unto the world, for you and her are not the same


The precious girl that once lived there is no longer

She swallows the whiskey feeling the burn

She knows its not right but its almost her turn

Drinking some more the silence grows 



Her journey is approaching black in shade

She accepts the violent person she's became

And hopes for a better tomorrow


Her sin is misunderstood

Hidden behind her fraggile face

was once a girl who loved with grace

Society told her to change her looks


She lingers alone with no one knwoing her name

She decides to take her life with you to blame

Tradegy spirals all around

Her weaken body collasped to the ground

Her world slowly fades into the absence of light

And from her lips escaped her last affliction sound


She was worth so much more than roses

Hiding herself amongst the crowd

Her life was robbed by crul words from others 

She is no longer  the girl carrying the slanted frown


Hide yourself not, for you are beautiful 

Behind the mirror is something unusual

Be the voice heard not hidden 

For she took her life an you did'nt







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