Growing Up

Thu, 11/13/2014 - 21:19 -- CH9L


My parents have always told me to be good growing up as a child,

a statement I never quite understood,

until I attended a private school where being good was an important rule.

After learning the importance of maturity,

I started to follow their directions.

From then on every obstacle seemed to go smooth,

that is in until my brain grew a new groove.

After first notice of my concerned questions everyone quickly informed me to tell my thoughts to move out and have faith fill the vacant.

So I did, what can I say? I was a good kid.

A Few years went by and I still never figured out why I had all these questions on my mind;

why I always felt an urge to cry,

what it is like to die,

and what would happen after,

was it because life felt so dry?

The good coach will tell you to leave all emotions out on the field,

but what happens when I go home and the emotions stopped their yield.

These questions I've always thought of but never made real,

I'm finally putting it out on the real field,

and to be honest its felt better than any score I've made on the pitch.

Hey, let's not get me wrong, it's always exhilarating scoring a goal,

helping your team,

your brothers,

it feels warm in your soul;

but after that day what did that score really accomplish?

At the end of the day the love will slowly vanish.

My new goal is to create a ripple effect,

where once scored everything will shortly remain the same.

That is till it slowly seeps its way to every distracted brain.

Maybe they'll see the true frame of this insane game that we participate in each and every day.

But to support the alternative,

nothing really will change because no human possess the concentration or the ability of observation.

All they ever are concerned about is what's playing on their favorite television station.

I’ve come to realize that all this involuntary ignorance is what lead to my frustration.

But I'm just a “kid” so I'll just keep doing as I'm told.

I will never know better cause I'm not old;

this is something I'm always told.

I personally disagree because together we can be productive,

you just got to let us be who or what we feel we need.

All we ask is for you to truly accept us. 


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