Body vs. Soul

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 19:24 -- Sders


There was a distinct difference

Between my body and my soul

And I was homesick for a place

Where my heart could be full

And my mind understood



She moved in a way that knew no love

Flamboyant, rhythmic, fluid


She waltzed in a way that knew no hurt

Quick, risky, painless


Her eyes lit up in conversation

Dancing, darting, dazzling


Her hands told stories of their own

Raised in the air, pumping her fists, unraveling the day's tale


Her strawberry tainted lips, pursed as she frantically studied

Barely ajar as she exhaled her worries


Her hair draped long, extended down to her hips

Dark and lustrous, full of life


Her slim waist paired with curvy, wide hips 

And skin as warm as a plush blanket fresh from the dryer 


She smelled of spring time, of clover and pine mixed with honey and citrus

She sported antique jewelry with iridescent glow

She appeared poised, calm and collected


Nobody could have known she derived from glass bones, from paper skin



She had a war going on in her mind

And neither side would surrender

She had known what it was like to be loved

And she knew what it was like to have lost

She struggled to build a home inside her own skin

Because she did not feel at rest there


She was the type to sit in the car long passed switching gear to park

Revving up the volume on her Alpine stereo

Converting her steering wheel to drum sets, she was Ringo Starr 

Cramming in those last two verses

Her Prius bumped like The Gorge


She was the type to order Chinese food

Just to anxiously crack open her wonton fortune cookie

Hoping it would reveal some unknown meaning

And gullibly believing it clarified life


She was the type to procrastinate studying

And during lunch, disregard the cafeteria

Instead nailing the Quadratic Formula into her brain

Cursing geometry and her satanic teacher all the while


She was the type to muffle her cry at 2 am

Sobbing into her plush, Downy scented pillow

Over the heartache she felt from some low class, scum of the earth boy

Who could not uphold a promise


She was the type to claim she had plans

Even though her only schedule for the evening

Was drowning herself in mint chocolate chip ice cream

After receiving poor marks on her finals


She was the type to search for meaning in everything

Swearing life offered an abundance of underlying secrets

She frequently wandered the woods to collect her theories and thoughts

And returned with little newfound perspective on life, but instead wreaking of pine and sap


And she would be lying if she said she didn’t spend countless nights

Alone at 4 am, intently studying her hands

Reflecting upon whom they had touched, whom they had once loved

But the truth was, nobody had really felt her

Nobody had crawled inside her skin, or felt the depths and shallows of her soul


And so she ached

For she felt endlessly empty

She cried the rivers in her bones dry

The volcanoes in her chest had long passed erupted 

And hard, molten lava blanketed her body and hardened over

But nobody could see the ice that had settled over her soul

Everything was so fragile inside

And nobody recognized it


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