Just Me

Explore and dream and speak and learn

An image I've worked hard to earn

Good girl, hardly wrong, always strong

A reputation that makes you want to belong.

But I wanna be just me

A girl that lets her hair down and goes to town

Listen to my Ella Fitzgerald and belt out the blues.

I wanna be just me

Free and eager to explore the unknown and interested in the boy next door.

I wanna be just me me

The girl who isn't afraid to dance in public and get down.

I wanna be just me

The chick who's thick and knows exactly how to work her curves and use it.

I wanna be just me,

a girl who cries and sighs and has big thighs and can't handle the pressure when she thinks about everything on her plate alone at night.

But I can't.

Don't mind the girl behind the curtain.

The one that hides in the folds of the black void can't be seen that's for certain.

She isn't home, goodbye, wham-o;

There isn't anyone there for a show.

It's just the girl,

a good girl, hardly wrong, always strong,

a reputation that would make anyone want to belong.


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