Slam Behind The Curtain


In stage one, Society has its own biased opinion, everything is so contradicts.

But in Stage Two Society encourages you to become who ever you want to become.

But, as always it brainwashes us to be a specific way, 

The way they argue thats best, The way where you cant think for yourself.

In Stage three, the final stage, In the end you will realize that it was a waste and not the way you intended to be.

I am one of these, I have been brainwashed with fear. 

Fear that will not be lifted up, the fear that is an iron curtain.

Well i say no more to this fear, I have reached stage three, and choose to not be slamed behind the curtain. I shall exist this fixed play of life and take the change of writing my own play.

A play that will be unique and origianlly me. 

Society might disagree with me, but thats a chance i will let be.


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