I Wish

Fri, 11/28/2014 - 16:12 -- co14

I wish

You all could see

The small girl behind the facade.


Behind the facade

That does nothing but show off

And try to prove to everyone that she is a woman.


When really

Behind the facade,

The small girl is doing nothing but



Snging in the house

Singing by the river

Singing by the tree.


She sings because

That's all she knows.

And because that is all she knows

She knows that she is still a girl.


But still she tries

Tries to fill the shoes of a woman,

Those three-inch high heels that seem to be an added neccessity

To growing up.


She sings 

Because that is what she loves

Even though she knows

It won't be enough to succeed.


But she hopes

And hopes

That maybe one day, it will.


That maybe one day, 

It will be enough and she can

Rejoice and sing the day away.


But until that day,

She continues to pretend,

Uses her facade to prove

That she is a woman, that she is 




I wish you all could see 

This girl singing

Before she gives up.

Before she grows up.


I wish you all could see the way

This girl is singing

Her hopes and her dreams 

To sleep.

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