Big Dreams


I remember like yesterday, it was 2013

I was on the mock trial team, you know what I mean?

I'm talking judges, lawyers, witnesses, directs

I had no idea what would happen next.

So I joined the team Junior year, had it at Woodmont

Rich schools said "Who dis?" And I said "Hoodmont".

You could say Couldmont, Wouldmont, and Shouldmont

But if you ain't Woodmont, well, that ain't goodmont.

So I stepped in the court, looked at the bar

Judge said "Son, who on Earth do you think you are?"

And I said: "Do you ask cuz I'm happy, I'm young, I'm wild and I'm loud?

Or do you listen to my raps, do you like my sound?"

He said: "Well ain't that swell, you a DJ or rapper?

You gonna spit me a rhyme before or after?"

I said: "Your honor, I'd love to, I love to rap, But mock trial comes first, you hear that?"

Judge said: "I'll let you off the hook or something. Jury's putting this in a book or something."

But let's cut to the chase, straight to the point

I'm a killer on the cross, running the joint

But I don't mean to brag like I won the competition

I told them I should've, but the judge didn't listen!

But anyway, let's put this all to the side

I figured out my whole life, from just three long nights

So now the plan is as follows, ain't no deathly hollows,

Just my future and I in the back of the Tahoe

Imma be defensively minded while on prosecution

And the clients I have won't need no guns to be shooting

Cuz I'm a weapon of words, I can rap and can rhyme

I'll argue your court case so you don't pay no time

And those are my dreams, be a rapping machine

Move up to New York City and live out the dream

I've heard Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z and Beyonce

Sing about this city where the divas are saucy

I'm like the all-star RB, moving the chains

R&B is just the name of the game

Manhattan hall of fame, Wall St. Wall of shame,

Billboards of Times Square will remember my name.

But who can forget what started all of this,

Despite the fact that NYC is totally legit?

Is it he who's about those capital gains,

Or he who tries and tries, and sees only pain?

Well here is the answer, it really don't matter.

My mixtape's called "Mock Trial". Know what I named it after?


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