Who are YOU Really?


Everyone knows about first impressions
They are what determine whether you matter to them
Or just someone they will take up their time with
To create the next bit of gossip

Most people think too highly of themselves
While others just try to get along with their life
Knowing that no one is better than anyone
And fighting life is only necessary
When you want to do the right thing

When it comes down to it
Whether it be first impressions or how you portray yourself
It all comes down to who you really are
So you can go with the stereotypes of
A lover or a fighter
Gossip girl or jock
Goth or prep

Maybe none of those at all
Some people believe it is your actions
That makes you who you are
But it that really what makes you, you?

of all the pieces that make me
I only present the piece of myself as a happy go-lucky person
So by my actions the person I am
Is only somewhat who I truly really am
Sometimes I pretend that person is all me
Because I’m afraid of whom I really am

I do not show I am
Because I do not like to be reminded
Of what my worries
And my obsessions
And how no one would understand

I am someone who is deeply troubled
And I fight to ignore it
Who wants to be reminded of panic attacks?
Of the hyperventilating that can occur
When I feel too deep of an emotion to display

I am someone who gets a sick feeling when I get separated
From the person I love too long
And the only way get over it
Is separate myself from my separations issues
That no one knows about but I

I am someone who has a fragile heart
Because every small comment
That is meant to be a joke
My heart physically hurts
From the pain of the realness to me

I am someone that no one knows
The real me only I know
I just let others believe they do
I go everyday being someone I’m not
Not because I can because I have to
Only I can understand the real me
And the reason why I must be hid

I am someone who has to hide
I put others before me no matter what
It does not matter what my heart desires
Or what my biggest fears may be
I am slave to other’s desires

I am someone who has only one fear
The fear of my dependence on others
My heart gets attached to easily
Once attached there is no way of
Undoing it

I am someone who has been abused
Sexually abused by my own uncle
My own family
No one knows because of my fear
No one would believe me

I am someone who has parents
That are not really parents
I make them believe they are
Yet they are no parents of mine
But their desires go before mine

I am someone who comes from everywhere
I was born somewhere
But raised somewhere else
No one was grown up with me
Nobody has stepped up to be my friend

I am someone who is alone
I am alone when I got to the movies
When I walk through a park
It does not bother me
Yet it does

I am someone who matters
Everyone matters no matter what
But does anyone know who anyone really is
Would it change how we all act towards each other?


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