Verbal Suicide

what a thing
when it is fashionable
to commit verbal suicide
for a person
to implore for the help
that they do not need
and these people
who have no intentions
of ever dying
are paid the most attention to
and the people
who suffer silently
with raging wars
locked tight in their heads
and lips sealed
with silent screams for help
who would rather die
then have to face the next day
and the day after, 
and the day after,
with their demons firmly
in the foundations
of their sanity
are simply passed by
without a second thought
and without another word

and if
they find the courage
the hope, salvaged
from fading memories
of a person past
and speak
for just one person
just one
to care enough
to understand
and to help, 
they are crushed with reprimands
and stereotypes
“its just your age”
“it’s only a phase”
“you just want attention”
because of people
who never had the intention 
to die in the first place
who only wanted attention
are the archetype
and hold the stigma
instead of the ones 
who truly suffer
and honestly fight


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