Behind my curtain


United States
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain
She is the one who cries herself to sleep at night
Who try's her best to please everyone
Who cares so much that she is uncomfortable without anxiety
The girl behind the curtain feels she has every reason to hide
Has insecurities that she wishes would have eaten away at her
Has a weak mind
Has a heart that will follow anything that pulls hard enough
That girl is behind the curtain, she is always there 
but I beg that you pay her no attention
The less attention she has the less she seeks
That's when the wizard can come out and do her work
She can grant wishes
Pass on wisdom
Live a life a leisure
Be happy, worry free
She can be an essence of her own
Be someone people want to be like instead of shy away from
She can make you believe anything
Give you your hearts desires
That is what the girl behind the curtain is capable of. 
If only she knew. 


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