For You


I just have to say,
That even though i stray,
You are the right way,
And I am here to stay.
If I break away,
Dont let me go,
I need you here with me.
And when I push you away,
I really want you here to stay,
I want you to say,
I won't leave,
Even though i say go away.

Sometimes I am dumb,
I'm just so young,
And I don't know what I want.
But being without you,
It's a mistake,
One that I can't again ever make.
For Pete's sake don't you ever leave,
I'm begging you to keep me close,
And never leave my side.

There once was a time,
I didn't know the real meaning behind life,
And now im dreaming of being your wife.
I decided i can't live without you,
Now i know your favorite color is blue,
And I know i have a few debts due.

My point in life now, 
Is to make you happy,
And I will start by being sappy.
I will do things for you,
Things that will bring you happiness,
And I will show and tell you one thing,
Forever and always, I will love you.


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