The road I took that made a huge difference

I am happy to join you today,

With this right path I’ve made,

To serve you, God, the angels and other people on Earth,

To achieve the good deeds they need,

In order to get to this path also.


I know it’s only a few of us in this wonderful place,

Which the lord has made special for us,

Approximately fifty of us.

And the rest of millions that didn’t make it here.

Well let’s just say as I speak,

They are burning in hells fire of 5000˚

All just because they didn’t obey the lord’s 10 commandments,

Which clearly states…

1)    You shall have no other gods before me

2)    Do not make an image or any likeness of what is in the heavens above

3)    Do not swear falsely by the name of the Lord

4)    Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy

5)    Honor your father and your mother

6)    Do not murder

7)    Do not commit adultery

8)    Do not steal

9)    Do not bear false witness against your neighbor

10)  Do not covet your neighbor's wife


We made this right path up here,

Because God has watched over our actions,

During our years alive on Earth,

And he was the one who decided our future home since we were born,

Because he knew what our lives were going to be like,

Before we experienced it.


May we continue to behave as humble, holy individuals of God,

I order to stay here forever and forever,

And not be thrown in the devils hands,

Like the rest of our evil friends 


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