Tue, 11/11/2014 - 01:27 -- mzheng

“Ready or not, here I come!”

It’s been a long time since the game started

And all I have been doing is searching

Don’t worry, I’m still looking for you


I’ve looked in all the rooms

I’ve opened all the doors

I’ve looked through all your favorite places

And the only thing that’s still the same is the broken glass on the floor.


Be careful now

Are you hurt?

You didn’t step on it now, did you?

Don’t worry silly, I still care


Oh boy, are you tippying toeing again?

You always seem to doing be that

Always trying to be quiet and hiding

I’m sad that you’re still not found yet


So come out, come out

You don’t have to hide anymore

Isn’t it scary alone?

Come out, I still miss you


You’re not here

You’re not there

Where did you go?

Do you really still want to play this game?


Are you afraid?

Are you lost?

Don’t be scared now

I’ll still be here for you


Or maybe... You don’t know where to go

Maybe you’re scared to come out

Maybe you don’t want to face the world yet

I know I still do


But please come back

Let’s end this game okay?

I promise to hug you tightly

I still love you, don’t worry


And remember this as you wander;

I’m still looking for you

I will continue to look for you

Because you’re still worth the search


...Hold on.

Hey, is that you?

Hold it right there!

I still have to talk to you!



I have been looking for you

I am looking for you, and I always will.

Because I still want to meet you


I want to know you

I want to talk with you

Let me in

Because I still want to meet the real me.



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