Who am I?

Who are you to question me,

To tell me wo I should and ought to be?

Who are you to dictate my actions,

And tell me what I should an should not do?

Whoeve you are,

Whoever you may be,

It is working.

I hide myself, my true self, from everyone around me,

My family,

My friends,

Even to myself.

And in the end

I question myself,

Who am I really?

Am I still the girl who is shy,

Who is soft spoken,

And hard to open?

Or am I the brash, harsh person,

Who tells peopl off,

And tells you how it is suppose to be?

The one that never comes out,

The one who I hope never comes out.

But is that really me?

Or am I still me?

People hide their true selves all the time

We fear what people will say,

What people will think,

If we show them who we really are.

We let other people's thoughts and criticisms get the better of us,

And in the end we don't even know if it is true.

So why do we do it?

Why are we the man behind the curtain?

Afraid of others seeing our true selves,

In fear of what you do not know,

Or how people will react.

We let the little things in life get the better of us,

Never even knowing if our fear is justifiable or not.

We let the unknown keep us hidden

And just like the man behind the curtain

We refuse and even are a little afraid of others finding out.

So even though in private and in my mind,

I am a brash and more easily to anger and displease.

To others around me I am a




Young woman.

But really,

Which one would you trust more

Is the real question?

My sweet innocent self,

Or the one hiding behind the curtain?



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