A Message In A Bottle


The Message in a Bottle

By Tapiwa Mzumara



Standing in front of a crowd

Was a girl who was the opposite of loud

She had something to say

That would shake you or at least make you sway

About the children in Africa who died today

She spoke of the farmer praying for rain

And the Mother begging for grain

She spoke of a disease with no cure

And the country so rich; they are poor

This girl talked about an internal war

And the hope locked in a closed door

The things she said were meant to stir

And she talked of poachers killing for fur

She said the world can’t change

If the people on it can’t rearrange

She spoke as bombers killed innocent people in Iraq

She spoke as Haitians had nothing except what was on their back

She spoke as people are cursed

She spoke as though this all could be reversed

And I heard her words loud and clear

Because I knew someone out there was living in fear

I knew that kids would die to go to school

Even though the others think they’re a fool

I knew there are kids starving in Indian slums

There’s no hope here, jingling for change were some bums

What can I do to erase the past?

Like the little help I do is even going to last

A man in Egypt’s house was destroyed

Because people use violence as a way to avoid

The issues that circle intelligent minds

The kind of hate that comes up from behind

With this I hope your mind is taunted

Because they’ll keep coming back like you thoughts were haunted.

Because she spoke I knew these words will be chanted

This is why I stand before you, telling not to take your life for granted.






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