Simple Season


When the leaves turn crisp in the Fall,

and the yellows,



and purples,

inspire the outfit of the day,

and the smell of rain is our own soft perfume,

and the sweaters allow us the similiar sensation

to that of our own bed, 

we let our worries fade with the sun.

The holidays are enough

to allow us the sweet relaxation.

That break from chaos.

That new beginning.

That cozy atmosphere.

The vibrant pumkpins,

and the baked turkey.

The ghostly movies, 

and the toasty fireplace.

The first warm sip of hot chocolate.

The simplicity of the season.

And sometimes when you're lucky,

a piece of mind is found within the simple Autumn days,

and happiness is found within that piece of mind.

For sometimes all we need is to fall into comfort,

and sometimes we fall into comfort in the Fall. 


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