This is She ;This is Me

Long blonde hair.

Part of that family

That big nice family.

Everyone knows them in town.

Homecoming queen.

So small,

    So cute,

          So sweet,

                 So quiet.

Vey athletic.

Nice family.

Church goer.

Avid volunteer.

Always smiling.

So sweet.




I am not just one from that family,

That big, nice family that everyone knows.

I am my own person. 

Not just part of something bigger.

Not just a title.

Not just an image.

Not my blue, innocent looking eyes

Or my smile.

I am my imagination during the day

And I am my thoughts and fears at night.

I am my unpredictable next decision

And my constant crave for creativity.

I am the tattoo on my side  that no one knows about.

I am my bad decisions

But my good ones too.

I am my dry sense of humor and my odd taste of music.

I am my favorite season: summer

And my fashion choice of the day.

I am a hider of emotions

But always there to listen.

I have a drive for art

And could pick up an instrument,

And could learn it in a day.

I am a traveler at heart.

I. Am. Me.

I am made up of an image;

An image that people have made

Based on my appearance

And the people I am around.

I do not mind this image

That people have made,

For I am sought out to be

A person of much more greatness

Than I ever will be.

I sit back and watch

And I know,

I know exactly what they think

When they look at me.

And that is okay. 

For I know who I am

And that is what matters.






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