Setting up user interface

Starting from scratch,

a complex code creating the appearance

and functionality

Each character adds to the person,


by placing a blemish here and there

with icons

by giving the ability to speak through text

by allowing movement through the motion

of a mouse

All of the preparations set in place

from carefully constructed coding

Please restart your device

At first,

anti-virus seemed like a silly idea;

life was grand and not a care in the database

‘oh, it’ll never happen to me’

to which karma responds

‘watch me’

Preparing download

The infections were tolerable at first

however, they worsened quickly

I was unable to function efficiently

unable to connect

unable to charge

unable to be of use

which lead me to the blue screen of death

Installing software

Without someone staying dedicated

and taking my battery life into their hands

I wouldn’t have made it

Please restart your device

I will be better the



fourth time around

with a moderator scanning me

double, triple, quadruple checking the infection severity

keeping me alive

despite the efforts to drag me down

Welcome back!

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