Seed of Doubt

to the man that thought 

I would never make it

to the man that sneered and chuckled 

when my five year old self dreamed

To the man that told me: 

‘Make a lot of money first, then see if you still want to follow THAT dream’

Thank you, 

you got me thinking

maybe you’re right 

but then again what if you are wrong?


You planted yourself inside of me 

I’ve spent 18 years digging you out 

covering you with the truth because all you speak is lies

you hide inside whispering 



you grow and shout 






well it’s time to take an axe to that tree 

swing, I am intelligent

swing, I am successful 

swing, I am worthwhile 

you’re tipping I see you breaking with every throw of the blade 

swing, I am strong 

Swing, I am happy

swing, I am loved 


But, don’t you see

I’m here, I made it, with no help from you

I don’t step foot in the prints that have gone before me

six of my siblings didn’t go to college

I come from a broken family 

little was expected 

but don’t you see

my two younger brothers should have the same opportunity


to my little brothers who have dreams: 

pioneer your own ways 

take those two feet God gave you and run! 

run along side those dreams that you were told are preposterous

your lungs will hurt from the race for your dream

your eyes will dry with no more tears after facing it all

and just as you are approaching your dreams, reach!

reach out with your hands never letting them go 


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