The Human Zebra


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United States
26° 18' 6.4188" N, 81° 23' 2.1588" W
The Human Zebra,
By: Mason Pickar
As I was looking in the mirror the other night
wearing my fuzzy domo aviator hat
and a lavender dress shirt tucked under
a V-neck black stonewash sweater 
I told myself you have a beautiful personality
I don't know why you're still single
I don't know why any man would ever reject you
because he would be lucky to have you
And you know what,
your fashion sense isn't half bad
because that hat looks pretty damn good with your
cute preppy sweater. 
But just because I can tell myself these things
when I'm looking in the mirror 
doesn't mean I have a mirror
constantly available to me 
and it also doesn't mean that
those are the only things I tell myself when I look into a mirror
You look sexy as hell in that G string
or at least you would 
if you didn't have stretch marks along your ass
and your stomach 
and your thighs
you'd think that lines like that 
would contour your body
making you look slimmer 
but instead they make you look larger 
and they make your fat chubby
prepubescent white boy penis look
even smaller, 
I've always
wondered to myself
Whether zebras are black with white stripes
or white with black stripes, 
and today you helped me answer
of that question because 
now I know that
fat gay zebras are white with pinkish red stripes,
magenta if you will.
Those tattoos 
that you have envisioned
won't make you look cool or hipster,
they will make you look 
even uglier when you begin to lose weight 
because of your old age 
and you still have stretch marks on your baggy skin 
and you have old worn-out tattoos on your baggy skin 
and you still have marks left by your your sharp stainless steel pen 
used to write your sorrow on your arms
and the smiley face that you carved
because you thought it would be funny 
to see peoples faces
as they were reading the archaic writings of pain  
and were taken by surprise when they realize 
that you were happy the entire time you were writing it. 
Happy because with each word that runs through their mind
and out of their mouth,
every single word
that rolls of their tongue,
is another stripe to your body fair zebra
another stretch mark,
another tear,
another scar to the arms that you use to carry yourself because 
your legs are only so strong.


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