Imagine Life Like This


I wake up looking in the mirror

Brush my teeth

My horrid breath no longer existing

I change into an extravagant outfit

No longer feeling insecure

I put on a mask of powder and liquid

Feeling perfect

I walk out of the door to my car

Stepping in I’m invincible

I put on music

Ignoring the imperfect world

I turn corners

Feeling more than just adrenalin

I pull up to school

Not caring who is staring

I step out of the car

Knowing I have just stepped onto my kingdom

I walk through the main hall

Looking straight forward

I stop for two people

My fellow queens

I walk with them by my side

We take on the grounds of our school

I strut into my classroom

No need to stress homework is done

I notice eyes trying to burn through my perfect attitude

Nothing can ruin the way I feel

Confidence will never evaporate

Treading through the hateful waters

I come to a clear mind

Suddenly listening to an annoying buzzing sound

I open my eyes

Sitting up to start my day

I live my dreams everyday

I can be asleep or awake

I will always feel flawless


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