My Two Passions

Wed, 11/05/2014 - 21:55 -- FINN1JD


A Disability Awareness Day came my way,

“Let’s try that TTY machine,” I say!


An interest in ASL and the Deaf Culture you see,

How does one sign “A B C”?


A little while later in middle school,

A sign language club was brought to my school…

And I thought, “How cool!”

I learned animals, numbers, and played M and M bingo,

There was so much more to know.


High school came, and my passion started to grow more and more,

And my sign language skills started to soar.

An Oakland Community College Class was where I went,

And there was where my idea was invent


Combining my two passions with the Deaf and television,

I started to see my vision.


As I came to college I had my major and minor in hand,

And my ideas started to expand!


Open a Deaf Television Station is what I had in mind,

And it’s where my two passions combined.


After college came and went,

I knew where I was meant.


A sign language interpreter is what I want to be,

It’s where my passion is, you see.


Later on I’ll open the Deaf TV station,

And it will be one of the first in the whole nation.


This scholarship would help my dream grow and create something real,

I’m very passionate, and that’s how I feel.


To create something for a wonderful community,

Where ASL and broadcasting come in unity!


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