The Beast


Some people burn cold as the mid-winter wind. Some are as hot as the core of the earth. There are a special few who are as cool as autumn but as hot as spring. I don’t blow often, but when I do. Watch out, because there is no stopping a force greater than a loaded freight train, in a moment’s notice. People neglect, misuse and abuse me, but I don’t show it. I bottle it up for when I crash. Don’t get me wrong, I like helping people out and making life easier for people; but there’s that one comment that just hits the e-brake and slams everything against the wall. Body… Mind... Soul... everything... everything is damaged, even those who can’t bear to witness.

Nothing recovers from the words that were said and the actions that had come. Once something is said or done it will be remembered. All the secrets that I hear are still in my head, but they’ll never spread. Secrets are like a weapon, I know how to use them and I have the ammo. I never use them; secrets must remain secrets; but once you diss me, I will destroy you with your secrets and reveal what you truly are. I am a demon at heart, but seen as an angel with mighty wings. How long does it take for a person to realize the inner demon? There is no hiding the beast inside. But yet no one has seen it. Secrets are my wretched claws and ravaging teeth with my ruptured skin being the very comments to make.

Your actions are my rage. Hell will break loose when the true me is released. Emotions are my sustenance to stay strong. There is no emotion in me, so I must feast on emotions from others day upon day. Emotions is what drives me to do more. To keep holding the true me who sits deep within my heart where no one can see it. But yet he still sees everything. Feasting on emotions, leaving me with nothing but a façade. The true me needs to die, but I can’t leave some people behind. Emotions are what first created the beast inside me. The beast is what makes my emotions blank. There is no way to hide the pain and despair that is deep within my eyes, that lays passed all the lies.

There is no way to tell if you see the beast or me. But the beast and I are one. Who am I? Am I really the beast, could I just be another victim of the beast? No one can tell. It’s up to me to tame the beast... to control the very thing that can destroy everything. There is no stopping the force of the beast inside. The beast shows at my weakest and hits the hardest at my best. Or is that just me? Am I truly the beast, or is the beast truly me? Only time will tell if the beast will take over, or will it be dismembered. It up to me control it and bend it’s body to my needs. There is no certainty that I can tame such a thing, but it’s possible. With no doubt in my mind I know, that the beast is me and I am... the beast.

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