No Chill

Schools in session,

Welcome another year,

Almost time to go,

Yet my homework pile contiues to grow.

SLEEP, what is that?

FUN, what is that?

LUNCH, hardly get that!

Now getting fat off of these quick snacks.

In college and high school,

Yep, at the same time,

Getting ahead of the game,

What a wonderful oportunity right?

I do it to better my name,

In the future I desire fame.

It wont go to my head,

I promise I'll remain the same.

They all say that, ha I know,

But na I'm on a mission.

These buildings will materialie,

Homeless rate will decrase,

Jobs will open up,

And it wll be all because of me!

I'm gonna need help,

I'll build a team,

It is a dream I will see,




Therefore I'll stick with the books,

Continue half my day going to high school in a city,

The other half in college in another,

Continue not having a social life,

Isolation from my peers,

But to better the future and reshape the nation into something new,

Gives me the will power to stick it through.







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