Sat, 11/22/2014 - 23:19 -- 1001635

How can you decide she was meant to die

it's called gendercide and you say that's a lie

how could she be the one to blame are you insane

you can't control your gender are there rules to this game

how can this actually be reality

when you kill someone because she's a she

you underestimate her abilities

don't we at least deserve one victory

she could've given life, but you took her's away

she could've saved life, what have you to say

that this choice you made was the very best one

all because you only wanted a son

whatever he could do, she could do too

but by your reasonings you murdered Cindy Loo Hoo

you took her breath away before she could even speak

speak out against all this cruelty, this humility

where girls are afraid to be themselves

and boys pretend to be someone else

drop the tough guy act and you'll see

all the pushed down locked up misery

having watched his little sister die in front of his eyes

because she wasn't like him, a she not a he

when are we going to take a stand, I demand

gendercide has crossed the lines in the sand

men and women should have equality

it's time to stand up and stop the real enemy


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