My form of You and I


You are the pretty one. The one who is admired.
The one who is cheery with minor flaws

I am the one that suffers and feels the judgment of your mistakes
The one who is in agony from your so called flaws

You are so peppy and bring light to everyone's day

I bring darkness and feel the pain from them all

You show no pain nor fear

I always feel pain and fear

You bring joy and hope to everyone and have even been named pure and brings happiness

I show my darkness to few if not no one

You are happy
you are joyful

I am full of pain as well as deep and raving agony 
There are few who know me

Yet everyone knows you
The beauty and light of the room

I have been rejected

You are accepted by everyone with open arms

You are charismatic with the light, joy, happiness and sense of purity that you bring

You the envy of others

I the judge of my self with self-loathing

Yet in the end we both feel the agony they have caused which is shown only in solitude

Our lack of self-assurance is what stops us from uniting and being only you the way you once were


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