You can hear my voiceIs


You can hear my voice

Is it really your choice?

The voice you hear

Makes you tremble in fear


Who am I you think

Please don't let me sink

Drowning in my mind

Why is the truth so hard to find


When everyone wants to fit in

Being different seems like a sin

Born to be unique

But conformity is so sheik


White house, picket fence

Family life so dense

A real fairytale life

Cut open with a knife


4 members and a dog

All corrupted by a hazy fog

What happens when you clean glass

To only find that it was brass


No one ever fixed the cracks

Now no one knows the facts

No one picked up the slack

Now our world is dark and black


I go to school just to put my mind at ease

Tell me how to make this better, oh please

Can't escape the voices in my head

Not even when I’m lying in bed


Can't tell anyone the truth

I say goodbye to my youth

Grown up faster than I should

Is it for my own good?


Can't murmur what I endured 

I can't be cured

Can' help but spin a web of lies

Even though I know the truth will rise


Why is it hard to admit I'm not the same?

Is being different really lame?

Conformity is the strongest drug

Withdrawal is the worst bug


The voice in your head

Is one you cannot shed

A constant battle within

It's an impossible win


Why me?

How can this be?

What did I ever do

To deserve this rue


I just want to regress

There is so much stress

Hiding my life is easy

Trust me I know it's sleazy


Pretending things are not what they are

Trying to ignore the aching scar

I much rather live in a lie

Than give the hard truth a try


This is not who I am you say

Just bow your head to pray

Anything to keep the lies

Trying hard to ignore the cries


Maybe one day the words will be ones you can utter

Maybe one day the thought won't make you shutter

Today may not be that day; I might not see it for a while

But for now I will remain hopeful and smile



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