Slpi Nightmares

Waking up in bed, it’s 2AM

The city below us is still asleep

While I’m here

Sitting, thinking, wondering out loud as the time ticks by-

“What are we doing here?”


Faster and faster, I see myself slip

Beneath the grasp of reality

Hopeless remedies, a cure for the past

Saying this will make it slip,

Straight outta your mind.


Their tempting words,

Slipping in and out of my head

Saying we can help. Screaming let us in.


But the devil’s who they’re with.


No they’re not here to help.


They want to see me fall, slip and fail


Then I turn around, trying to shut them out.

I see your face at peace lying by my side.

Hope then finds my heart.

Burning out the dark

You and I together are infinite, invincible.


I slip back down as the nightmares end.

As the day breaks, the darkness flies

And for another day…I’m safe from the lies.


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