Nobody, but me.

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 12:55 -- Tyra H.


Nobody knows.

Nobody knows the pain she feels,

wrapped up tight in their world of oblivion.

Nobody knows that her smile,

the one that lit up rooms the way no candle

nor light switch ever could,

is nothing more than a distand memory behind the eyelids

of the people who knew he before.

Nobody knows that she lies restless in sleep,

during nights and early morns with ocean salted water

pouring down rosy red cheeks.

Nobody knows that his black eye,

is a statement of the alcohol induced rage of a father

having a bad day, and not a rowdy teenage fight.

Nobody knows that he wakes up screaming,

begging for blood and redemption,

wishing for death and oblivion.

Nobody knows that the perfect patch of skin,

that his mother used to rub to get him to sleep,

is marred with hundreds of lines designed to

remind him that he isn't worth it, so as to cut again.

Nobody knows. Nobody cares.


Nobody sees.

Nobody sees the life, so vibrant and bubbly,

leave her glossy eyes as her mother,

her protector, her very best friend, is lowered

into a hole in the ground.

Nobody sees the final tear that falls

a thousand feet to the ground,

slip from her tear duct to fast to be

wiped away.

Nobody sees the blinding hot raget

that whites out her vision and explodes in her soul,

making her body implode and her eys roll back with the

pills of depression.

Nobody sees the true love that everyone craves,

and he holds for his lover, a boy of sixteen who knows

more hate than a man of 100 who's been to 

war with guns and gases and tanks but never with

whippings of the tonugue.

Nobody sees his body fly through the hall

into metal and scarps on his cheeks from

vents on a locker, because teachers don't speak up

as money means more than the lives of their 


Nobody sees him let go of the happy

family memories, and that time him and 

his dad went to Universal in Florida to play

in Harry Potter World and act like wizards,

because they are both nerds.

The happiness he replaces with pain and stinging 


Nobody sees. Nobody wants to.


I stand before you pleading,

I'll neal before you begging,

to please not be that nobody who doesn't have time for

the woes of a highschool student

planning the angles of their death in mathematics.

Don't be oblivious to the hate of the world,

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,

only works if we're all in it together.

The world focuses on the first to remarks,

but the last to them is more like a suggestion and

the words they say rival the tramau of forty years in a


Fight beside these dying children, adults, teens.

Care enough to call out their lies,

that spread through their teeth so easily now,

that it almost sounds true.

Destroy ever blade, kiss every tear,

let them know that

Nobody cares, nobody wants to,

but you, I, they, them,

that man on the street corner offering hugs,

the barista who adds extra whipped cream,

We do.  



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