Behind Me is Me


Behind me is me

If only they could really see

that my beauty is skin deep

not all is just vanity

when I take off my makeup

and let my hair fly free

I know behind the me they see

is a girl who isn't perfect

you see I don't need CoverGirl

to tell me "I'm worth it"

I don't need a magazine to tell me I'm in style

I know these fads are just for a while

If only they knew just why I smile

See my they tease me

they love me

then they constantly hate

but they don't see that it's beauty

only God could create

I'm only here for a second

it surely seems to be

but while I'm on this earth

let me stop being scrared

and let the real me

be ME.




that was very empowering. loved it


Thank you! I appreciate your kind feedback. :)

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